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  Haruko Hayakawan viesti

(Sähköpostiviesti / E-mail message 3.10.2005)

To the Board of the Japania ry

Chairman Arto Haapaniemi, (CC: Vice Chairman Heikki Mallat)

I was very much astonished to see the magazine "Fin-Nippon" Pro Japania 4/2005.

I did not get any information that you will put my name and picture on to the bulletin.

Now the story may give people misunderstanding that I will join the project and take an iniative on it. I have never given your society or Mr. Mallat any permission to use my picture or name on the bulletin.

I strongly demand you to put the announcement on to your next issue bulletin that I have no plan to join 'Pro Japania' and have nothing to do with the project. Adding on that, I also hope you put an apology on next issue. as soon as you read this message, I request to get an apology from you and Mr. Mallat.

I have never said that I would join your 'Pro Japania' project. I never wrote any respond to Mr. Mallat's message dated on 27 July 2005 which came by facsimile to me as well because I have no intention to join your project.

Best Regards
Haruko Hayakawa
Managing Director
Japan-Finland Society


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